Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Ups and Downs of Sisters

Let me start by staying I am an only child so I have no clue how the relationships of siblings go but I have had a glimpse of it through my daughters. Some days they love each other dearly and other days they are at each others throats. Lately there have been lots of complaints of copycatting and tattle telling. Yelling and screaming. But then there are days where everything is right in the world and they get along beautifully.

Aryanna thrives on being a big sister and helping take care of her little sister. Sometimes I do have to remind her that she is not the mommy and needs to tone it down a bit. Jaina is the follower. The one who wants to be exactly like her big sister. She looks up to Aryanna a lot but is also her own strong willed person. Some days it just cracks me up at how similar yet different they are!

Here is a layout I did documenting the sisterly love between my two girls using the new Everyday Poetry and Palm Beach from Webster's Pages.

This layout was created as a lift of the talented Leslie Ashe over at Webster's Inspire Me. Make sure to stop by and see all the gorgeous inspiration from the other design team members.

Happy creating!

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  1. This is a BEAUTIFUL layout!!!! Your girls sound a lot like mine.... especially the tattle telling..LOL!!!