Thursday, June 21, 2012

Corset Progress

As promised, an update on my corset progress….

So far, I am really pleased with how it’s coming along. I am taking it slow and making sure I do the steps as correctly as possible. The first major part I decided to tackle was sewing in the busk closure. Let me tell you that I was worried I was going to break the needle as I was sewing but, as luck would have it, that did not happen. The only issue I had was that my material bustled up a bit when I sewed the “stud” portion of the busk. Even though it’s not perfect, I think I did a mighty fine job on my very first go at corsetry so far!

Now that one of the hardest portions of the corset is done, I get to move on to sewing the panels together. I am so happy that I decided to put a black damask panel in. I think it will go very well with my Steampunk Poison Ivy theme.


I am starting to sew in the boning channels and clean up the corset. I'll post another update once it's complete. Here is the what the corset looks like so far.


I am loving the green and black!

Happy creating!

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