Friday, August 24, 2012

Instagram Love

Life happens every second of the day. If you are not careful, you will miss the small details that make your life grand. Many of us scrappers have a nice fancy camera with fancy lenses in order to take the perfect shot to use on a scrapbook page. I am the same way, but lately I am embracing the camera on my handy dandy phone more and more often.

I normally have my phone on me where ever I go so it is easy to grab it and snap a picture of a fleeting moment I do not want to miss. Camera phones are also great for taking photos of yourself. This is how I got the picture for my Cosplay Fun layout. I personally prefer to use Instagram but I know there are lots of other fun phone apps you can use. Four of my layouts for Scrapbooking from the Inside Out this month have pictures I took with my phone. Most of the time they require no editing and I can print them out as is.

Today I challenge you to leave your big bulky camera at home and only use your phone camera to capture the life around you. You just might be amazed at what you will find!


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