Thursday, March 4, 2010

She's One

I am still in shock that my little baby turned one this week! The party went well and she LOVED the icing on her cake. The cake itself...well not so much. Hehe. Now it's time to start the preparation for my oldest birthday party. Two birthdays in one month you say? Yep. My girls are both March babies!

Not only am I happy that this crazy week is over, but I get to get ready to head to an all day crop tomorrow. Woohoo! I can get my scrap on for an entire day! I can't wait! I already have most of my pictures printed out and tonight I just need to pack my supplies. Hopefully I won't forget something. I have a bad habit of doing that whenever I head out to crops.

Time to head out to work but I will leave you with one picture from Jaina's birthday party. Have an awesome day everyone!

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  1. awh so sweet - glad she had a good birthday! They grow up way to fast.