Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Meet Shadow

One of the things Aryanna wished for on her birthday was for a new pet. After talking about it, we decided on a new kitty. Our other cat, Felix, really needed a buddy so this was a great time to get another cat. We ventured to the OKC Humane Society were all of us immediately fell in love with this little 6 month old kitty, so we adopted him that day and took him home. As I was driving home, I asked Aryanna what we should name him. After a few failed attempts, she settled on the name Shadow.

This little guy is a ball of energy and keeps Felix pretty entertained. The first day we brought Shadow home was a little rocking but thankfully the boys got along just fine after that. Aryanna loves her new little guy and carries him all over the house. Welcome to the family Shadow!



  1. They do a great job at the OKC Humane Society!! Diana, since we live in the same city ,....what are you doing for NSD??? I have only found one place in Norman, but it is full...thinkin about getting a few girls from work together..would you like to come???? I tried to find your email address...I think I am blind! lol