Monday, April 2, 2012

Step Out

I love seeing how people create their layouts. It just amazes me at how different everyone puts a layout together. I usually print out my pictures first and then find papers that have the look I am going for. Then it's time to get my scissors out and cut away! Here is a short step out of my creative process.

First up, I start cutting pieces out of paper and lay them down on my background paper. Sometimes I push the paper around and switch things out. I actually ended up not using the pink paper on the far left but you will see that in my next step.

Next step, I lay down my pictures on my foundation elements and decide what other fun things I can add to my layout.

Here my layout is almost finished but is still missing my journaling and a little something to give the layout a finished look.

And last but not least, the finally product!

There you have it. A little peek into my creative process!

Happy creating!


  1. Love this! Thankyou for sharing your process I love to see how other people create! Tx

  2. I do that too, I love what you do !