Friday, October 26, 2012

Best Friends

I have the hardest time making friends. I always have as far as I can remember. I think it's part shyness and part introvert. I feel awkward holding a conversation with people I don't know. I end up at a loss for words most of time and come across as a dork.

Every so often I break that barrier and make a life long friend. One such friend has been at my side since 9th grade. I love her to death! She is like a sister I have never had. I would do anything for this girl!

Over at Webster's Pages, they are celebrating their release of their new Best Friends collection. What a perfect way to document my best friend!

I incorporated some of the digital chipboard from the Best Friends collection. I am in love with it!

I am very thankful it's Friday. It's been a long week at work. The great news is that I get to see my best friend this weekend! I am so stinking exciting!

Happy creating!


  1. Beautiful layout Diane! I have a tough time making friends too... for the same reasons, but I have atleast one BFF that I would do anything for her... :)

  2. That's really pretty! I, too, am rather introverted and have a hard time making friends. I joined a women's book club and just push myself to get myself out there!