Monday, March 25, 2013

March Madness

March is always a bit nutty for me. Both of my girls have their birthdays in March. Then there is St. Patrick's Day and Easter to celebrate. Every year one of the holidays does not get as much attention as the others.

This year I was determined to do it all and for the most part I have. All that is left to celebrate is Easter! Now if only the rain stays away so we can hunt eggs outside instead of in the house. Soooo much more fun outside!

Speaking of birthdays, my oldest daughter has been wanting earrings sooooo bad for years now. Every time she would ask me, I would always iave her the same answer, "Not until you are 8 years old." You see, I wanted the earrings to be her decision, not mine. I wanted it to be a big girl responsibility.

Well, now that she finally is 8, Aryanna and I went to Claire's on her birthday and got her ears pierced. She could not be happier! Here is picture of Aryanna right after she got her ears pierced. I used the New Beginnings collection from Webster's Pages.

 Here is a closeup of the little flower I created to add a little interest to my layout.


Happy Creating!

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