Thursday, June 20, 2013

One Crazy Week

It has been one crazy stressful week in my household. My youngest gave me a scare. She started getting blisters all over her body that were spreading like crazy and itching her. She was so miserable and if it wasn't for the chicken pox vaccine she received as a baby, I would have thought that is what she had. When I took her to the doctor, it turns out she came in contact with poision ivy somewhere and she had a bad reaction to it! Holey moley! After a steroid shot and some meds, she is finally on the mend and is no longer riddled with bumps. I was so relieved that it was nothing serious! It is so scary when your kids are sick. Makes my heart hurt. Ok. Now onto our regularly scheduled program...

Today I wanted to share a layout I created with the new Memories Captured collection. I decided to go out of my comfort zone and see how many patterned papers I could fit on my page without feeling like it's crowded. This is what I came up with...


This collection is a blast to play with. I especially love the chalkboard items! This month the Fancy Pants Design Team also received some fun items from Maya Road to play with. I immediately fell in love with the star stick pins.

What is your scrapbooking style? What makes you feel like you are out of your comfort zone?

Happy creating!



  1. Beautiful page, Diana! So glad your daughter is OK.

  2. That layout is oh so gorgeous!!!! Hope your poor daughter mends quickly!

  3. Oh gosh glad your daughter is ok!
    Beautiful layout!

  4. I love this layout!! Glad to hear your daughter is doing better!